My cheeky little man!!

My cheeky little man!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

A lovely day out with my gorgeous boy

Yesterday we went to meet Horrid Henry and the author of the Horrid Henry books Francesca Simon. Ben had a wonderful time and coped so very well, with lots of prompting he chatted to her and got his book signed. It truely made his day as he understands about authors as he loved books so much he has been learning lots about contents, indexes, page numbers, authors, illustrators etc so that made it extra secial to him that he knew who she was and why she was special as she had written all the books! While we were in Meadowhall we went in a few shops together and Ben coped so very well, it was like having a different child. Then after the trip to meadowhall we were invited to a barbeque and Ben continued to cope really well. I truely was a proud mummy we havent had such a good day with him for such a long time.

Sadly when we got home Ben showed his other side and was very physically aggressive again and showed how doing something out of routine and stressful for him really takes its toll. People see how good he can be and rarely realise that we have a huge nightmare following this as he struggles so much to deal with the different events of the day and how overwhelming he found it. It is times like this when I hate autism so much for what it does to my gorgeous boy.

I couldnt thank Francesca Simon and the staff involved in the book signing event it was pretty well organised and made my little mans day, week, month and year. It truely was a day he will always remember as he loves Horrid Henry so much and was so proud to have met "the real horrid henry!" and "a real author, not a pretend one mummy but a real author who writes real books"!!!!! As you can see on the photos he wore his Horrid Henry T-shirt bought for him by his godmother Julie who he loves so much and thought she was amazing when she bought him the t-shirt last birthday!! He also took his Horrid Henry doll which he got for his birthday also, from his Nana and Grandad, he is such a fan he was so proud to be the only child there with the doll and t-shirt and he looked fab. Look at that smile you can see how much he loved it. That little smile he looks like hes a little angel all the time, if only it was that easy. I hate autism and all the issues Ben has but I love him so much and that lovely smile when we do see it makes everything so worthwhile!

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